Old About Us


Freemasons lodges have existed in Rugeley since 1882 when the St. Augustine's Lodge, our "Mother Lodge" was formed.

Sherbrook Lodge, the second oldest in the town was formed in 1947 and the Robert Mummery Lodge, named after a former Provincial Grand Master, was formed in 1970.

St.Augustine's Lodge originally met at the Shrewsbury Arms but in 1940, with the introduction of war time restrictions, members moved to the canteen of Stokes Tannery.

Towards the end of World War 2 the Army released Eaton Lodge and it was purchased by a small group of members of St.Augustine's Lodge and opened as a Country Club with Lodge Rooms.

In 1958 more space became available and the rooms were extended. At around this time a full hotel license was obtained and the major shareholder, Frank Gee died. This led to the Wolverhampton and Dudley Brewery buying the premises with a condition that a lease be given to St.Augustine's Lodge for 21 years.

Extensions to the lease were granted up to 2004 when the brewery decided to redevelop the site but without a new Lodge Room. A committee representing the three town lodges was established and it looked at a number of premises before recommending to members a move to rooms at the Chase Golf Club. Nearly £50,000 has been spent adapting and furnishing the new meeting rooms at which many Masonic organisations, in addition to the three town lodges, now meet.

The Provincial Grand Master at the time (R.W.Bro. Thomas DC Lloyd, TD, DL), said he was delighted to be in a modern environment in an extremely good location. He told members of the three lodges: "You have an opportunity to build on the legacy of 61 years at Eaton Lodge and I am sure, with the enthusiasm shown by everyone on moving here you will. This is a milestone in the history of Rugeley Freemasonry."

We at Robert Mummery Lodge very much look forward to receiving you as our guests in the very near future....